LSU Ag Center Nutrition Minutes – December 2015
Jefferson Parish has teamed up with the LSU Ag Center again to educate viewers on proper nutrition. In this series, Karen Marie tells you everything you need to know about apples, chopping vegetables with a knife, and the new “My Plate” nutritional guidelines.
  • JPRD Girls Softball Champions Return Home

    The World Champion JPRD Girls Under 14, Under 16, and under 18 Softball Teams returned home as conquering heros Friday night from the Babe Ruth World Series in Jensen, Florida. This is the first time that three JPRD teams have all qualified for championship games. The under 18 Girls took Second Place while the under 14 & 16 Girls brought home First Place.Friends, family, and fireworks were all there to great them along with Michael Yenni-Jefferson Parish President and Chief Operating Assistant Royce Blanchard.

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